• DO YOUR HOMEWORKOur best customers are educated customers that do their due diligence.  If you plan to attend the auction and are interested in specific items, we strongly encourage you to research and price products before preparing your bidding strategy.  We ask that you make sure that you are comparing similar products (apples to apples) and do not be fooled by “bait and switch” television ads without checking their availability.


  • PREPARE A BIDDING STRATEGY.  Once you have determined that you are interested in an item or lot, a good guideline is to develop a bidding range you would like to fall in.  Start with a bid that would be ideal and end your bidding with a maximum figure, and then stick to it.  This will make it easier to avoid getting caught up “in the moment” and eliminate the potential for buyer’s remorse.  Remember: All sales are final.


  • ALWAYS BE AWARE OF ANY BUYER'S PREMIUM.  A standard auction practice is to charge a buyer’s premium (13% for credit/ debit cards/good check, 10% for cash.).  This is a fee charged to the winning bidder to help defray additional costs such as advertising, rentals, labor associated with the auction.  Always factor this cost in your bidding strategy and the general rule of thumb is to bid 10% less than your maximum. (e.g. - If you intend to spend $100 on an item maximize your bid at $90).


  • BE PROPERLY PREPARED TO REMOVE ITEMS AT THE COMPLETION OF THE AUCTION.  Make sure you have access to any vehicles, trailers, equipment you may need in order to remove items immediately.  We generally have individuals that may be able to assist in loading, but they are available on a first-come first-serve basis and cannot be guaranteed. Final removal is ultimately your responsibility.


  • COME PREPARED WITH MEASUREMENTS AND A WISH LIST.  If you are looking to purchase flooring, it is best to do all your measurements before the auction.  It is also strongly advised that you make sure you buy plenty of extra to compensate for cuts, mismeasurements, breakage, etc.  Many of our products are closeouts and we cannot guarantee we will have availability after the sale.  Our kitchen cabinets are sold as complete sets, so you may want to pick a style that most closely resembles your current layout if you are replacing an existing design.  Don’t forget in most instances we can get additional cabinets ordered after the auction to most efficiently  complete your layout.  Pictures, swatches, and wish lists are all great tools to assist you in making your best decisions the day of the auction.


  • USE OUR REPRESENTATIVES TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.  If you are unsure of how an item is being sold or are just plain intimidated by the process PLEASE ask one of our staff to help you.  If you ask in advance, they will even assist you with the bidding if you give them your range. 


  • BRING PROPER I.D.’s AND PAYMENT METHODS.  There is no registration fee, but you will be required to bring a driver’s license or a comparable form of identification.  If you are buying for resale you will be required to fill out the proper form and provide your tax resale # for our files.  Don’t forget to bring your payment method with you before attending the auction as all sales must be paid in full at the completion of the auction.




  • Thank you very much for your time and consideration. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!